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Huberd's Shoe Grease

Why use Huberd's Shoe Grease?

Boots are an investment.  Maintaining your boots by cleaning regularly and conditioning will help length the life of your boots.  Regular maintenance helps maintain the properties of leather, and prevent it from drying and cracking.

Guide to using Huberd's Cleaning and Conditioning Leathers

Why use Huberd's Shoe Grease?  Because leather is a natural product it’s important to maintain its properties and beauty with the correct care. To prevent premature failure from drying and cracking routine maintenance is required by cleaning and conditioning. Wipe or brush it regularly to prevent dirt and dust from settling deep down within the pores, this helps to prevent the need for harsh cleaning products. For heavier stains, clean immediately to keep the stain from becoming permanent and detracting from its beauty. When cleaning leather, try not to think of it as washing, but rather preparation prior to conditioning. 

After the leather is dry it’s time to condition, using either Huberd's Shoe Oil, or Huberd's Shoe Grease.  Both are very easy to apply. The best way is with your fingers. Apply Huberd's to all leather areas and work in with fingers.  If possible repeat, then remove any excess with a soft dry cotton cloth. 

Huberd's Shoe Grease is best suited to footwear, saddles, bridles, canvas clothing, etc. Most leathers will darken with application, then lighten again in time.

Huberd's & Membrane Compatibility

Premium membranes like Sympatex or Gore-Tex are designed to keep the foot dry. This is achieved through Prevention and Allowance. Prevention of water penetration from the outside to the inside of the footwear and Allowance with the passing through of perspiration from the inside to the outside. The leather needs to work in conjunction with the membrane ie: by being mutually breathable. As leather is naturally porous it needs be conditioned to retain both breathability and water repellent properties. Failure to keep water out or locking the perspiration in, will result in wet feet. Good membranes act as a lock out system for water transmission. Perspiration can get out and water cannot get in. For the membrane to operate as designed the leather outer needs to work as it is intended, by repelling water, but remaining breathable.

Many waxes and non breathable conditioners function by sealing the leather outer and inadvertently clogging its pores. This works for keeping water out, but prevents the leathers ability to breathe and in doing so prevents the membrane from transmitting perspiration away, leaving the wearer
with wet feet. Huberd's assists in preventing water from entering, yet allows perspiration to disperse. The ability to do this is essential for correct membrane performance.


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