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Boulder Bluff Whistles

Boulder Bluff Whistles, also known as BB whistles, are good quality plastic whistles used by shepherds.  BB whistles come in a range of colours - red, white, green, yellow, purple, cream, black, blue and grey.  Lightweight and easy to use.   A good shepherds whistle with a range of pitches....

March 10, 2022

Logan Lanyards

Logan have a range of lanyards that compliment their Logan Whistle range. Logan Leather Cord Lanyard & ClipA 2.5mm thick leather cord lanyard that is adjustable by sliding the knots at the back - available in black or brown leather, with a choice of brass or chrome swivel clip.  With any leather, avoid water. Logan Sailing Rope Lanyard & ClipLogan make these super-strong 3mm sailing rope lanyards which are adjustable.  Available in a variety of colours to suit your whistle and your per...

January 4, 2022

Huberd's Shoe Grease

Boots are an investment.  Maintaining your boots by cleaning regularly and conditioning will help length the life of your boots.  Regular maintenance helps maintain the properties of leather, and prevent it from drying and cracking....

November 16, 2021

Which Logan whistle is right for you?

Check out this handy chart which shows the difference in tones and volumes for each Logan whistle. Logan make amazing shepherds whistles.  They are suitable for all types and breeds of dogs. Logan whistles are made from a range of materials - Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Delrin (non-metallic modern polymer).  Depending on the qualities you look for, the type and size of area, and responsiveness of your team, there is a Logan Whistle that's perfect for you.Logan whistles a...

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